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As of December 2017, we celebrate our 10th Anniversary! It is easier said than done but we have literally overthrown a decade. We are thankful to our clients and business partners who have been with us, side by side, since then…

We have started up in Algeria, our expertise market and without taking it too far, we have added Morocco amongst our markets. Now we carry on expanding from Maghreb to Africa, Eurasia and Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Americas.

During our journey, we have served hundreds of exporters and master event organizations and industries such as food, bakery-pastry, horeca, agriculture, building-construction, machine-industry, health, cosmetics and more…

Over this tough decade, we have faced and grown against many difficulties such as the market and competitive sector conditions as well as our own challanges.

Our priority was and still is to choose only the best events and to guide our clients towards right markets, at the right time parallel to their demands and needs.

Through brand new markets and tradeshows, we will continue to be at our clients’ side, closely follow their expectations in accordance with governmental export strategies as well as global trade leads.

February, 2018

Making efforts to keep up with our Turkish exporters, we are opening up to new horizons. In addition to 30 target markets that our government announced in scope of biannual export strategy, there are also many more interesting markets and trade events that global players are focused on.

2018-2019 List of Export Target Markets List by Turkish Ministry of Economy:  USA, Australia, Azerbeijan, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Brazil, Algeria, China, Indonesia, Palestine, South Africa, Crotia, India, England, Iran, Spain, Japan, Cameroon, Qatar, Kenya, Colombia, Kuwait, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Oman, Jordan, Venezuella

Target markets that leading exporter & exhibitor countries have chosen and even accelerated efforts to enlarge their share in: Vietnam, Thailand, Ivory Coast, India & its different districts, Mexico, Italy, Chile, Singapore, Ghana, Soudan.  

In order to discover new horizons and develop a strong presence abroad, it is a great opportunity to get a good incentive percentage on exhibition budgets applied to the participations in the target markets that the government announced. On the other hand, we cannot rule out other global leads if we do want a share in emerging markets amongst other global export leaders.

March 2018

Turkey, earning a better and better reputation each and every day as the Star of Eurasia, we take this opportunity to adopt worldwide famous events who wish to have an address in Istanbul.

We have already commenced our communications encouraging international and Eurasian participation to these shows and events in Istanbul covering gastronomy, beauty, art, technology, sports and entertainment themes.

The event calendar will be published on our website as soon as we conclude our preparations and relative contracts.

We can’t wait!

April 2018

It was about time we had a brand new website, to celebrate our 10th Anniversary… Our new domain nanotradeevents.com, #nanotradeevents, can be found on web and on social media.

Now, we keep our website up-to-date with more visuals and more interaction. At the same time, we will try to develop our social media accounts and do our best to show you the actual images of our events from their development stage to the closing time.

Our goal is to help you picture all our operations in your minds before participating.

Follow us!

May 2018

You may strictly follow government’s export strategy whilst choosing a target export market or you may take a totally different path. Regardless of your motivation, right after you pick your market, do you know which questions to ask that would make the real difference when it comes to decide on a trade event?

-Does the trade show aim the right demography for your sector?
Especially in large geographies, different cities or districts may have already become trade hubs for certain industries. Or, only one city may have developed itself as a key exhibition location, while another is one touristically popular place but, commercially signifies nothing for your sector. Try to analyze your buyers’ and competitors’ locations, plants, warehouses, showrooms etc., in order to see if the event location is relavant.

-Does the trade show find local support in the country it is held in?
The support system of a tradeshow composed of sector associations, unions and NGOs is of vital importance to alarm the sector. Not each and every organization company is meant to succeed in every export market. Having an idea of country’s socio-economic history may help, but most importantly, event’s strong cooperation with local collaborators and supporters must be observed.

-Does the trade show id and statistics portrait striking or realistic facts?
The source of these facts and that these facts are consistent on all sources is very important. Even a visual of the event would give you a hint about the visitor and exhibitor quality. If there are no prior statistics, local support and promotion plan must be influential.

-Does the trade show promotion plan look sufficient and timely?
While some trade exhibitions invest in only one ad article, the others may use local organizations, outdoor solutions or sources as TV, radio, sms and social media as well…  Chasing economic solutions to promote an event unfortunately leads to empty stands. A variation of sources and timely diffusion of promotion activities definitely increase the quality and the quantity of visitors. We must never forget to question the promotion articles and calendar of the trade show we’re interested in.

-Does the trade show truely carry “international” qualifications?
It is not “OK” for an “international” exhibition to put all the burden on 1 or 2 country pavillions. If possible, participant countries must be shown on not only 1 year statistics sheet but also on last 3 years’ documents so that the future aspects of the event would be clear. For launch events, supporting bodies, embassies, economic missions, leading exhibitors and exhibition promotion plan would be a good reference.

If you have found the tradeshow which has all the answers to these questions, then you are at the right track!

June 2018


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